How to Connect a Plane around an Ellipse


Elliptical Fanlight.skp (156.8 KB)

I have 2 questions about the attached drawing.

First, in order to define a plane that I can fill with transparency, I need to connect the areas between the fanlight dividers. I don’t know what tool to use - and obviously how to use it - to draw the connecting lines at the hub and on the arch on either of the spokes.

Second, I need to make the outer arch an inch thick without expanding the radius. The pull down tool does not do curved surfaces. What tool should I use and how do I use it?

Can anyone advise me here? Are there tutorials I should read/watch?


If the outer edge of the arch+base will take a face make it and Group it.
Move it into place.
Alternatively, draw a large [i.e. considerably bigger that the fanlight] vertical rectangle away from the rest of the geometry.
Group the rectangle [so it doesn’t stick to other geometry].
Select it, Move it a bottom corner, snap onto a the mid-point of the horizontal glazing bar.
Edit the Group.
Select its face.
Right-click Context-menu > Intersect > With Model.
The arch etc should now have made edges on the rectangle.
Erase the parts of the rectangle you don’t want.
Color the glass areas with a transparent material as desired.
Save and Close.

a. Get Fredo’s Joint PushPull [and its required Lib].
Install the Lib:
then the Extension:
Restart SketchUp to effect everything.
You should then be able to extrude the arch face into a solid 3d part - up [or down].

b. Alternatively use the Offset tool to make an offset of an arch edge.
Draw some new edges to complete the loop so a curved face is made.
Then use the native PushPull tool to extrude this to the width of the required arch.


Item 1:

Item 2:



Thank you, TIG and Gully!

In this drawing you can see the fanlight in situ. I learned a great deal from this exercise

Fanlight in Situ.skp (445.5 KB)

Thank you, again, VERY MUCH, for your kind assistance!