How to close round shapes

Hey guys,

I need your help again. I drew my restaurant booths and when I turned my model upside down I noticed that the bottom of one of my booths was gone (probably when I was using the arch tool to draw the round corners) and the final part of my other booth disappeared. Since I can’t just draw a straight line to “heal” that surface what can I do to close these? These parts are hidden by the walls and floor but I would still like to know how to fix this.

Thank you!

it’s hard to tell from the images, aren’t the lines coplanar?

If the top of your booth is a flat surface, you could use Push/Pull with the Alt key down to create a copy.

I don’t really understand what that means…

I’ll try that, thank you!

If that didn’t work, share your model file.

Will do, thanks Dave! I will take a look at it later.

In the meantime I came across a small issue. I watched a tutorial where it says that I can make my circles smoother if I change the number of the circle’s volume in the entity info, however, my entity info is completely empty. The volume isn’t showing up…here is an image. I would like to make the round sign smoother. Any tips?

You have to select just a circle to be able to edit the number of sides, not a component or a face or a bunch of other geometry. It also needs to be a circle and not the edge of a cylinder.

Here you can see that the number of sides can be changed on the flat circle but once it’s extruded into a cylinder, the number of segments cannot be changed.

So, if I now don’t want to go back I cannot make my sign smoother? I selected just the circle (or the face) and the area shows up in the entity info but it won’t let me change the number.

Thanks for this info, I will keep it in my in the future. I love SketchUp but there a billion tiny things one always has to remember while working with the program.

And one last follow-up question regarding the logo.

It was created in Illustrator and if, instead of creating a round sign (like what I did in my previous screenshot) I decide to place just the name/logo above the front door — how can I make it 3D? Is it possible to convert a png or a jpg file into a skp file in order to make my logo/letters 3Dish?


As I wrote, you have to select the circle, not the face. And yes, it has to be flat. It should be quite simple to modify your component and replace the existing thin cylinder with a new one that uses more segments.

Pretty much like everything else. :wink:

If the image is a PNG with transparency, you could use an extension like Image Trimmer from Sketchucation to create geometry of the text.

Success! …in regards to extension, seems like too much work so I fixed my round sign and am happy with the way it looks now :slight_smile: thanks a lot!

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