How to Check a 3D print

I use SketchUp for Schools in my classes.
But when children make someting for 3D printing it takes a lot of time and knowledge to check:

  • bad edges, shells, reversed faced, etc.
    When I use Sketchup Make or Pro, I let solid inspector do most of the work.
    But you can’t put pluginns in SketchUp for schools, as far as I know.

Is there a way you can easily check the model you created before 3D printing?

Is this something you can increase?

And I have a real problem too.
When my pupils create something, I open this in my own SketchUp 2018 (pro) version, wich we have as a company. There I can run solid inspector and make the prints easily ready.
But I also teach other teachers how to print in 3D. They can’t efford to buy sketchup pro every year. Sketchup make 2017 is the last free version they can download on their computer.
But now i concluded that it isn’nt posible anymore to open files from SketchUp for Schools in the last SketchUp Make version.
So they can never use SketchUp Make to check the prints of their students.

I know it’s not ideal, but there are some free online tools for inspecting models for 3D printing (Netfabb - i think is free for schools, and there are others). This could be an option until (if) plugins like solid inspector can be used.

Have you tried this? As I understood if from reading about it, if you download a SketchUp for Schools or SketchUp Free model saved in Google Drive (I think that is where SU for Schools saves its models) or Trimble Connect (for SU Free), it downloads to your computer as a v2017 format model.

I’ve just tried it in Sketchup Free, and that was the case for a test model. I think SU for Schools should do the same.

You could then open it in SU Make 2017 and use a plugin like Solid Inspector to check it.

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@ whiterabbitdesigncompany

Thank you for your thoughts. That’s a good way when a print is ready.

I also use solid inspector to make a part of my model solid, before using outher shell. So I am still looking for ways to do this.
Can the makers of sketchup for schools respond? How do they think SketchUp for Schools will be made more compatible to work with childres age 8 untill 12 and 3D printing? I realy miss solid inspector 2 or tools to help.

@ john_mcclenahan

I do download the file from the drive, and let the children email this to me. But then I get the message:

The file was created in a newer version of SketchUp
You have version 7.2.2555
You need version 18.0
Please visit to get the latest version.

But now i tried to download it directly on the computer, without mailing. And now it did work the way you said! Thanks!

Educators License - Cost of a License
An educator license is free of charge.

Thank you Dan. We have everything comercial pro and I didn’t realise this was still the case. Thanks!

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