How to change view a sketch was created on

Hi, I have two sketches that I want to combine in one with the two items. One was sketched with Top View and the other was sketched in Left View. I open the one in its appropriate view which is top view with the red axis being horizontal and the green axis being vertical. If I copy and paste the sketch geometry that was sketched with the Left View with green axis being horizontal and blue being vertical, into my Top View sketch, it appears as a flat straight line parallel to the green axis on my screen. I have been trying to change the view for one of the sketches with the Axis tool but I haven’t been able to fix my issue.
If anyone knows how to do this, please let me know.
Thx, Pierre

yeah, no, almost there, but not quite :slight_smile: ok, when you copy stuff you see in top view, and paste them in side view, you need to understand that the element you copied are lines with actual xyz coordinates. if the stuff was flat on the ground, then the copy will be flat on the ground too. the straight parallel line you see is actually all the lines you copied, viewed from the top.but if you orbit (mouse wheel click, or o tool), you’ll see they are actually in space.

so the extra step you need to do, if you really wand to see both of your 2d sketches side by side is to select one (the vertical one for example) and rotate it so it will be flat next to the other.

seen from the front

Capture d’écran 2023-04-29 à 20.12.20 435x302

while orbiting, you see the shape is less and less visible

Capture d’écran 2023-04-29 à 20.12.27 500x435

once on the top, it’s a line

so here, I’m using the rotating tool, with the arrow keys I can block the rotation in one direction (here it’s gonna rotate around a parallel of the red axe) and I can properly rotate it flat on the ground.

I’ve been trying with the rotate tool but haven’t been successful. Here’s a pic. I need to change either geometry so they are both on the same axes, but haven’t been able to do so with the rotate tool. I need to move the rectangle to the green-blue axes or the object to the left to the rectangle’s red-blue axes.

Correction … on the last line: to the rectangle’s red-green axes

ok, here is your starting point. sort of :slight_smile:

the rectangle is horizontal, flat on the ground, the shape is vertical.

First step, select it, and click on the rotation tool.

You see, here by default SU offers me to make a rotation parallel to the blue axis. the circle thing (protractor?) is blue. But if I press on the left and right arrows of my keyboard BEFORE even clicking anywhere else, I can force the rotation to be red or green.

From there, I click on the shape (while the protractor is forced red in my case) click on top of the shape, and rotate back 90°
Capture d’écran 2023-04-29 à 20.59.55

in your case, you need to force the green protractor, as you said, your shape is on the blue-green plane, you rotate it on the green to bring it to the green-red one

Awesome! Thank-you once again!

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