How to change line thickness for dimensions in Layout


If you follow proper modeling workflow you shouldn’t need this extension for your own work going forward. I only have it installed and use it because I wind up cleaning and fixing files created by others who haven’t followed the rule of keeping all edges and faces untagged.

I ran the plugin.

I see that all entities inside the components are untagged. Then I hided everything that I could by “unclicking” all tags, and saw that some components were visible , which had, as was to be predicted, no tags. Then, selected the components by group of the same tag that they should be given, and gave 'em that tag.

Works very well!! Cool.

Again a step further; Thanks a lot.

Next thing that I want to learn is how to apply drilling holes on the components.
I also work with the Zeta-P from Lamello. It is possibleto fit in two pins of either 5 or 8mm onto the machine. So when you CNC two holes in the piece of wood where the machine should be pushed into the wood, you don’t have to be so meticulous on positioning your machine. Just put the pins in the holes. And mistakes are much less likely to occur. And the two holes can be used to put a dowel in, what gives additional strenghth.

But to do that all one by one is very time-consuming.

I also asked my question to a local person from Blum, as they also have software (Dynaplan) for corpus planning, and are probably compatible with SU.

You should start a new thread on that topic and upload a SketchUp model file that shows what you are trying to accomplish.

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I will.