How to change a window header from 6x6 to 3 2x12s using Medeek Wall

The current window headers are 6x6s. I’m using 2x6 framing.
I want to change the window headers from 6x6s to 3 2x12s.

I went into Global Wall Settings, and changed the Window header type to 3 2x12s, then hit Regen Wall. I did not receive any errors but the header type did not change.

Should the header type change if I edit that in Global Wall Settings then regen the wall? I have only recently started using SketchUp and Medeek so unfortunately, I am unsure if that’s how it’s supposed to work or not.

I just did this recently. To change the header:
open the “edit opening” property, choose your window and you will see a window (or door) header property to adjust in the list. It has 3 2x12 in the dropdown - choose it, hit update at the top.

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How do you access the edit opening property? I know I can select the whole wall then get to the Edit Wall function.

I also tried selecting just the window but that doesn’t get me there either

Medeek has a bunch of separate toolbars. The edit functionality (for all wall parts) is generally in the “medeek wall tools” toolbar… and it’s almost certainly the edit opening button but going from memory.

I highly recommend putting some time into his youtube videos. They cover all these topics and will make life easier. On his webpage, he also lists these videos so between these 2 places, you will learn the product.