How to cause animation on Dynamic Component to activate when changing scenes

I use SU for stage design. Many designs include moving and rotating stage platforms, backdrops which move in and out of each scene. I’m using dynamic components to perform the animation, but … I’d like to trigger the animation via a scene change, i.e. as I click thru the scene tabs, I’d like the animations to follow each scene. For example, in Act I platform A, is center stage, but during Act II, it’s moved off stage. So within SU, I created two scenes and setup animation within the platform D.C. to slide the platform offstage, BUT I can’t seem to find a function within the dynamic component to associate a certain animation preset to a specific scene in SU.

You only have GoToScene() with the onclick functions, not vice versa, so maybe you can change your workflow?

That’s a possibility - I’m also hoping to be able to generate an animation video with the scenes triggering the movement of the various platforms. I don’t think the OnClick is going to get triggered when rendering an animation video.

You can check Animator

Here’s a link to some older code that triggers DC animations on Scene change. It might still work.

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