How to calculate volume of tires structure

Yep that’s pretty obsessive, I don’t really know what to say!
I agree that there’s little chance the tyres will be the same which changes things up, nearly impossible. A good guess may be all you have. Unless the OP could give you a list of all the 40 different tyre sizes. That should keep you busy for a while. :smiley:

I wonder if anyone has some gently used Bridgestone 59/80R63s lying about. Now that would be a playground!



That’s the sand budget blown…

Hi guys
I am really impressed with the amount of support that I am receiving. And also with this, tire-pyramid addiction of sorts that has sprung out of my apparently innocent question.
Yes most probably the tires will end up being of different dimensions, so the best bet might perhaps be an estimation that uses bigger tires rather than small tires in order not to get short of sand. If some of the sand is left over, I am sure it can be used for a sandbox for the children. Many thanks to IanT for calculating the volume estimate, I think I can stick with this kind of calculation. How wide was the circle you used at the base? My idea was to use a circle some of 6m of diameter.

I don’t remember, I made the array of tyres of that size at a tangent to each other so the dia is fixed really. You”ll have to check the file above I posted. I need to sleep, too many late nights in the sandpit…

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the structure with a 6 meter base will take nearly 2 times more sand and tires as one with a 4.2 meter base or about 14.5 cubic meters

I applaud your approach. You will be much dryer than using Archimedes method! :slight_smile:

@jimhami42 if you really want to be accurate you’ll be needing to calculate the almost impossible to fill spaces inside the tyres too!


I would be more concerned on the effects of (used?) tires have on the health of the children

Did you read the article???
The conclusion at the end was "Additionally, with these products being in wide use around the world for more than 40 years, there are no reports of adverse effects of the playground or athletic surfaces."
Reuse of tires is a great idea.

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Though the article is more about the reuse of tires as granulate, I have experienced that there are always concerned parents around playgrounds…

Thanks for the article. Is quite informative

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How do you do this? I am not sure what is the steps sequence of commands that lets you do this
Also is there any command (in the SU free version) that lets you replicate several forms around a pattern (like a circle)? In one of the sample drawings presented it looks like that the after the second tire is drafted the rest of the tires in the same circle all appear at once.

That’s a radial array using the Rotate tool and Crtl to make the copies. You start the copy with Ctrl and you have many options, you can type the deg you want it to move, or the number of copies and x or / or a mixture of both.
Watch the measurement box at the top of my toolbar to see what I type.

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