How to bring back lost object

I just discovered that a grouped object in my project is missing. I suspect that I made it invisible via its tag and then I deleted the tag by mistake. Now I can’t see it and I can’t bring it back. Is there a way out of this. The object must be in there somewhere.

If it was a component and you hadn’t purged unused components from the model, you could bring in another instance from the Components panel. If it was really a group and you deleted it in the process of deleting the tag, it would be gone. Is there a possibility that you didn’t save the file after deleting the group? You could save the current file with a new name and then go back to the older version to retrieve.

Any chance you have been publishing the file to your Trimble Connect storage? If so there would be an older version of the file available there.

When you deleted the tag you should have seen a dialogue box asking you what to do with the geometry on that tag, one option is to delete it, another is to assign it all to another tag usually “Untagged” by default. If you assigned to to Untagged it could be still present but hidden, try hidden geometry on or look in the outliner for anything not visible, if you selected delete it would be gone. Try to delete another tag in your model, the previous choice will still be selected so you can see what the choice is set to.

Sounds like it’s likely it’s gone unless you have a previous version. It’s one serious advantage of components even for single instance assembles that they can be retrieved if removed from the model space.

Also, if you’re using “tags” then you must no longer be using SketchUp 18, perhaps update your profile when you get a chance as it helps us give accurate advice.

Thank you. I had an .skb file from a couple of hours earlier and I opened it and picked out the object that I needed and imported it into my project. Btw, how do you open another instance of Components panel?

What do you mean? I didn’t write anything about opening another instance of the Components panel. I wrote that if your object had been a component you could have brought another instance of it in from the Components panel.

Fix your forum profile. It’s way out of date.