How to automatically generate various styles of roof's topview?



Hi guys,

I am currently training neural network to identify the roof style, and I need lots of 2D topview of roof outline data. An example is shown below. My question is, is there any way to automatically and randomly generate massive amount of roof topview? Or is there some data I can use to generate roof outline? Capture

Thanks for your answer.


You’ve had no replies, probably because no one understands the question. Well, I don’t anyway!


There are some SketchUp plug-ins that can automatically generate roofs, but you have to make different variants one by one.


  • InstantRoof
  • 1001bit Tools

Another way might be Google search, try looking for images of the same kind as you already have. You may find some similar to your needs. It may help if you rename your image “roof”.



Thank you very much for the kind reply. You mention that I have write a script to generate parameters to define roof style. Can you provide an example of how to create this kind of script? Or, do you know if there is any method to upload this script to instant roof to automatically generate roof?