How to angle tube?


PC: HP Pavilion; SU 17.
Work MOVE … until proper ?


You posted a day or so ago with a thread title that made no sense, tig even edited it to make it slightly better but it still made no real sense. However, you posted an image which made it possible to guess what you wanted to know and you got an answer.
You even replied to that answer with two fully coherent sentences…

Now this.

Here you go, several versions of angling a tube, which one is relevant!


@Box I’m guessing @gripwin is not an English speaker. Either that or he/she has been on the gin again.

If I’m right, it might be better to use your native tongue @gripwin. There are often people here who understand a non-English post better than unintelligible English.


Here’s another way to angle a tube using Follow Me. Admittedly, I could have used a better curved section at the end!