How to align object to global horizontal axis?

So I have this object that I need to align to global axes, mainly horizontaly so that the floor would be paralel to global horizontal axis. I’ve tried rotation tool in many ways, nothing seem to work correctly, only one plane can be rotated but then another one is off axis, etc.

Red arrows point where axes disappear.

If you attach the model we’ll have a better chance of giving you an accurate answer, rather than just saying, rotate one axis in line then the other.

Right click on the face where the axes disappear > ‘Align axes’ > make your geometry a component > reset axes > pull that component from the ‘In Model’ component library into modeling Space. (let SketchUp work for you !)

Don’t forget to use the arrow keys to lock rotation to the axis.

Let’s try

Thanks for the answers. But none of this helped. I wasted many hours doing it manually by aligning object by 0.01-0.05 degrees along the top toolbar from all sides. :smile:

It was a lot harder with non-standard objects as they didn’t had any straight walls that could be seen in camera view properly.

In that case I think @Box gave you the right answer, :wink:

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