How to align buttons on keyboard design


I’m trying to create a keyboard but I don’t know how to get the buttons to be aligned. I tried to align them with the ‘move’ tool, but it’s still crooked. Does anyone know how to solve this?


Use guidelines? (tape measure tool will place them) each key base should snap to it.
Make each button a group with a ‘hidden’ line that can snap to the adjoining one.
I would probably use a combination of these and simply moving in the correct axis and typing in a value.

Alternatively I’m sure that there is a plugin to align/distribute groups for you.


There are many ways to do it and many different keyboard layouts but it basically boils down to understanding, copy/move to create arrays.
Don’t try to drag the move tool, click and release to start, click and release or enter to finish a move. Tap Ctrl to copy with the move tool.

Here is rough copy of the keyboard I am typing this on.


Personally I would have made one of those squares a component before making the array - then changes to one would populate them all. (And if I were cleverer I would make it a dynamic component that could put a specific letter on the key without making each resulting component unique)

BTW what’s the plugin you used for multi-select off-set? {nm looked closer at the animation - TIG SmartOffset}


First thing I said.^

And I was showing basic move copy array.


Thanks for the animation, Box! It really helped me out!


I’m not sure how it helped you if you are now asking for a designer!


Hahahah))) no that’s another design, this one is pretty easy though.