How to add same model with some hidden object on same layout page?

I have a laundry design that I would like to show with existing doors and windows for the top view/floor plan but then also would like to add elevations which do not show the doors and windows, only cabinetry.

How can I achieve that?

I’m assuming you’re using a view of a SketchUp model in Layout. I’m a bit confused though as your profile says SketchUp Free which is the web based version and you’re posting in the Layout section and Layout only comes with SketchUp Pro.

In SketchUp, put the doors and windows on a different layer called e.g. “Doors & Windows”. Set scenes for your elevations and just hide the doors & windows layer in the elevations scenes.

Each door and window should be a component or group. You should change the layer of the component, not the faces and edges inside that component which should stay on Layer0.

Now in Layout, you just select the scenes you set up in SketchUp for each view.

To add to McGordon’s reply, once you have the first viewport in the LayOut file, make the additional viewport with Copy and Paste or select it and move a copy while holding Option.

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