How to add newly created material to the presets?

I made a new glass material, but how can I add it to the “Glass and Mirrors” presets, so it’s always available in any newly-created document?


Although it is possible to add materials to the default materials libraries, it’s not a good idea to do so. If you ever need to reinstall SketchUp or install and update, the materials folders will be overwritten and you’ll lose your custom materials. To access the default materials folders, you’ll have to edit security permissions anyway.

Instead, create a local collection for your new glass materials. Click on the Details menu in the Materials window and choose Open or Create a Collection… Create a new folder somewhere accessible such as in My Documents. Then you can save the material into that folder. See this for more detail.

Another benefit of making a separate library is that it is easily added to future versions of the program when you install them.

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Thanks Dave! This worked.