How to add a radius to specific edges/surface of a counter top

Hello everyone, I am trying to use follow me tool to add a 3/8" radius edge to specific edges of a a multi faced counter top. I was able to get one of the edges completed but have not been able to get follow me to proceed along the selected edges. I have tried selecting multiple faces, and multiple edges. neither method is providing the desired results. I am drawing the arc on the edge face then trying to use follo me to extrude the edge around connected edges of the counter top.

I am attaching my file for reference.

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RickKitchen_Layout_1.skp (283.3 KB)

Draw the arc of the radius on the end, select the edges where you want the profile to go, get Follow Me and click on the profile. Before you do this, you need to drill down through the component and group levels to get to the geometry. Iā€™m not sure why you have your counter top geometry and groups nested as you do but you have to get all the way inside.


Thank you Dave, The individual counter tops probably have no business being grouped. I am just trying to get to point where i can draw things and get better at making components, groups, copies of components and placing things on layers. My workflow and methods surely have room for improvement.

Working on getting the radius edge to work based on your suggestion.

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