How to add a new style to model in SDK?

Hello everybody:
I have a question about how to add new style, I use
SUModelGetStyles(model, &styles);
SUResult res = SUStylesAddStyle(styles, “D:/”, true);The style is saved by sketchup, it’s name is “MyTest”,But the res‘s return value is SU_ERROR_DUPLICATE. what’s wrong with the code?

Although I’ve never explored the SDK and my programming is - let’s just say “rusty” (and that’s an understatement), I have to ask:

Is there any chance the model already contains the style you’re trying to add? If so, then that’s what the error return value is telling you - you’re trying to add a style that’s already in the model.

My model is create by sdk, so it cannot contain my style that I want to add;
like this:

#include <SketchUpAPI/slapi.h>
#include <SketchUpAPI/geometry.h>
#include <SketchUpAPI/initialize.h>
#include <SketchUpAPI/model/model.h>
#include <SketchUpAPI/model/entities.h>
#include <SketchUpAPI/model/face.h>
#include <SketchUpAPI/model/edge.h>
#include <SketchUpAPI/model/vertex.h>
#include <SketchUpAPI/model/styles.h>
#include <SketchUpAPI/model/style.h>
#include <vector>

int main() {
	// Always initialize the API before using it
	// Create an empty model
	SUModelRef model = SU_INVALID;
	SUResult res = SUModelCreate(&model);
	// It's best to always check the return code from each SU function call.
	// Only showing this check once to keep this example short.
	if (res != SU_ERROR_NONE)
		return 1;
	// Get the entity container of the model
	SUEntitiesRef entities = SU_INVALID;
	SUModelGetEntities(model, &entities);
	// Create a loop input describing the vertex ordering for a face's outer loop
	SULoopInputRef outer_loop = SU_INVALID;
	for (size_t i = 0; i < 4; ++i) {
		SULoopInputAddVertexIndex(outer_loop, i);
	// Create the face
	SUFaceRef face = SU_INVALID;
	SUPoint3D vertices[4] = { { 0,   0,   0 },
	{ 100, 100, 0 },
	{ 100, 100, 100 },
	{ 0,   0,   100 } };
	SUFaceCreate(&face, vertices, &outer_loop);
	// Add the face to the entities
	SUEntitiesAddFaces(entities, 1, &face);
	SUStylesRef styles = SU_INVALID;
	SUModelGetStyles(model, &styles);
	SUResult res2 = SUStylesAddStyle(styles, "d:/", true);
	if(res2 == SU_ERROR_DUPLICATE){
	// Save the in-memory model to a file
	SUModelSaveToFile(model, "new_model2.skp");
	// Must release the model or there will be memory leaks
	// Always terminate the API when done using it
	return 0;

OK. As I said, I know nothing of the SDK. Just thought the possibility should be raised.

I leave it to other, more current programmers who know the SDK to help you find the problem.


Just guessing but, do you need to first call …

SUStyleCreateFromFile (SUStyleRef *style, const char *path)

… before …

SUStylesAddStyle (SUStylesRef styles, const char *path, bool activate)


I tried to add this code, but it didn’t work,is this a bug?


Thanks for bringing this issue up. Could you please try using SUStyleCreateFromFile and verify whether you are getting the return value of SU_ERROR_SERIALIZATION?

I suspect that your .style file is failing to load for some reason. I did find an error in the API for SUStylesAddStyle where it would incorrectly return SU_ERROR_DUPLICATE if a style couldn’t be created from the path provided. We will look into addressing this unhelpful error code for the next release of the API.



I’ve already tested it, and the return value is SU_ERROR_SERIALIZATION ,May I ask when the next version will be released?

I download “SDK_WIN_x64_2019-0-753_0” to make it, but SUStyleCreateFromFile return SU_ERROR_SERIALIZATION

We’ve identified a bug that can cause .style files to fail loading when using the C API. It’s been logged in our internal bug tracker.

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C API - API Version 7.1 - SketchUp 2019.2

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