How to add a furniture layer to a dwg floor plan in SketchUp?

I bought a condo. The architect sent me a .dwg file with the floor plan. I’d like to add furniture to the plan so I can figure out what will fit and what we need before moving in…and I’d like to do that without graph paper and a ruler! Can’t do that in Autodesk A360, which can display a .dwg file but does not allow me to add/edit anything.

Can I import a .dwg file into SketchUp? Which version? Can I add furniture shapes (in same scale as the floor plan)? Can I add the furniture in a new layer? Again, which version? If SketchUp is not the right application for doing this, please point me in the right direction.

I’ve never done any of this before. I’d be grateful for any help and advice to get me started. Thank you.

You can do all of this in sketchup pro. The laying of furniture in scale and separate layering are also available in sketchup make, but importing a .dwg is not. If this is purely for personal use you could use make (free version) to do this but you will need to either get the architect to give you a simple PDF or jpg file (less precise but good enough for testing furniture). Or convert the file you have via some free converter, or ask someone here to import your file and return it to you as .skp

you can import the dmg during the Make ‘Pro Trial’ period which is 30 days…

there may be other softwares that can accommodate your needs, but SU has the best ‘community support’ of any out there…



Great point! You will have .dwg import during the trial, so go for it!

Thank you both so much! I will try SketchUp Pro for the trial period in order to import the .dwg file and learn how to use the application. I’ll also try Sketchup Make during the trial too. Time to give it a try! You are certainly right about the supportive SU community! Thanks again.

it’s the same thing, i.e. download Make [if it’s for non-commercial use] and you get the Pro trial…


If you run out of time with the trial version, there is a free convertedrfrom DWG to DXF (Teigha converter), and a free DXF importer for SU Make from the SketchUcation Plugin Store.

Or upload the DWG file, and some forum member with Pro could import it for you.

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