How to access training - still processing?

Hello, I have just purchased the online training for all packages but it says it is still processing. In the FAQ it says access is immediate. I tried logging out/in but still nothing. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks

What online training? The campus here is free so you must have bought someting from elsewhere.

Sketch up Australia training

Trimble account (which is where I found this forum)

Sketchup Australia is a Distributor and appears to offer independent commercial training courses. Those courses don’t belong to Trimble and any issues you have with them would need to be dealt with through Sketchup Australia help and support.
Don’t forget it is ANZAC day so I suspect they may not respond immediately.

You could start off with the Official Campus while you are waiting.

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OK thank you

I had to look that one up. “Remembrance Day” here in Canada.

Remembrance is a different day for us. Anzac day is specific to the Gallipoli campaign. We have the normal remembrance day as well.

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