How to accelerate the production of large projects?

How are you?
I would like some advice to create large projects such as cities, I am working on an already high city, but I have difficulties in how to organize and plan to do it in a better time. Maybe someone will recommend some software to work in parallel and thus improve the time.
I am more agile in Illustrator, and I am thinking of making vectors of frontal lines of some blocks and then exporting to SU. The buildings do not need so many details, but they should not be flat.
Thank you very much.
(I’m quite new in SU but self-taught) Greetings. Thank you!!


hello, you should take a look at this plugin

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Are you looking to create real world cities or imaginary ones? For real world, you can see what is available for importing into SketchUp from Open Street Maps data. Two sources (one free and one paid) are: PlaceMaker (Paid) and Cadmapper (free under 1 sqkm)

For organizing the model, consider breaking the larger model up into logical ‘zones’ based off of whatever you want…roads, land use, neighborhoods, districts, building type, etc. See here for large city model that was the ‘master model’ and the smaller ‘districts’ that are actually components so they can be saved outside of the master model and then reloaded as needed when updated.

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It is a replica of an existing city. I already import from open street map and everything runs well in the 1km range. I am dedicating myself only to the buildings, the entire facade of each of them.
At this moment I am trying to design the force lines in Ai, and export. It seems to be progressing well.

I hope not to be passing any tool or plugin important for this type of project. Since I use the most basic.
Thanks for your help @eric-s