How soon till sketchup works with yosemite

Today SketchUp mysteriously stopped working for me on OS. Yosemite 10.10. I can no longer open any file.
I don’t want to return to Mavericks unless the wait for the fix is really protracted. Can anyone guesstimate how long that wait might be?

Explain “stopped working”. See this thread - there’s an issue with fonts - Crash after updating Mac OS X - #10 by irbc88 but if you can’t open any file, hold shift while clicking on SketchUp (it launches in slow motion, but it also launches without opening any previously opened files).


In answer to the Subject line, we don’t have a date to offer but are definitely working on it.

From the various users posting on the forum, it looks like the problem may be solvable for all but a couple of issues with the Font Picker and the Outliner.