How many scenes tabs can we get to display in the ribbon?

I cannot update a scene I cannot see a tab for even if its there in the drop down list. Please help out here. I am a construction systems designer and need to develop all of my production drawings from scenes exported to Layout but obviously need to be able to update scenes for such exporting when there are detail changes to components

“how many scenes can we display in the ribbon”?

→ depends on your screen size and resolution. on a 30" you’ll display twice more than on a 15"

but yeah, if you have too many, you can’t right click them on the top bar.
but you can update them in the scene panel on your right.

Thanks for that. I am using a Samsung 42 inch smart monitor which is amazing for work flow.
I would be happy to do all my updating on the drop down scenes menu on the right but do not know how. Can you describe this for me please. I cannot work it out soi must be doing something wrong here

you can’t do it in the drop down menu.

I’m talking about the scene panel. the big one that looks like the material panel, or the style panel.

Thanks mate … I can make this work for me now. You’ve been a great help. Cheers from Brisbane Australia

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