How many mouse clicks to select tools in SU 2015 windows 7?

Can anyone tell me how many mouse clicks it SHOULD take to select a new tool in SU 2015?
Sometimes it’s one, other times two, sometimes three or four .
It is VERY frustrating to THINK you have selected a tool from the side bar, return to the drawing…nothing…back again…GRRRRRR. Wasting my time.

Another mouse smashes against the screen, what’s the story here?
Why has SKETCH UP got steadily more unreliable and finicky as the new versions come out?
What happened to the DWG import from SU7? What was so bad about having that available?
I am just about done with it and will switch to Rhino soon…

Really fed up…Grrrrrr

Use shortcuts to speed up your modeling…

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Yeah, one.

Either your mouse button is failing in which case you should try a different mouse…
Your graphics driver is getting a bit long in the tooth.
Each new version of SU tends to ask the graphics system to do more of the work.

Spotting picking performance is a symptom of OpenGL deficiencies in your graphics hardware or driver.
Try updating the driver.
Here’s help with that.

How can I update my computer’s graphics driver? — SketchUp Help

Great advice, thanks. I will try update the graphics driver and try a new mouse too.
Shortcuts are obviously a good idea too, but I don’t use SU everyday so looking up the shortcut key would slow me down as much as the extra clicking.
I need it to work FOR me anytime I turn it on, not fight me.

The most needed and used are simple to remember:

I think this will be a great way to make SU work for you much faster :wink:

(You can use the quick reference card to get an overview)

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It’s time to download and print yourself a copy of the handy Quick Reference Card