How make my model full?

how can i make my model full?I have only the edges
I am a new-bie and i am an belgian.please help !!!Thanks.

Overtuig je ervan dat je niet ‘Wireframe’ had aanstaan maar en andere instelling.

Als dat ok is, dan kan je hetvolgende proberen: menu Window > Preferences > OpenGL > schakel uit ‘Use hardware acceleration’ en herstart SketchUp.

Werkt dit, dan moet je de driver van je grafische kaart updaten.

Hallo Wo3Dan,Thanks for your replies .Wireframe was not working-so OKUse hardware acceleration is deleted-so OKI restart Sketchup but my model is always empty .The up side is perfect but the bottom side is empty.I will you send the two pictures but I dont no how .?willy

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saeys_willy September 21

how can i make my model full?I have only the edges I am a new-bie and i am an belgian.please help !!!!!Thanks. willy

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Sorry Willy, for this misunderstanding. I thougth you were looking at a wireframe instead of a full model with faces.

As it seems you now have a shape (pulled up?) with only it’s bottom face missing.
Just trace one bottom edge where the face should be and SketchUp will fill in that face.

Also, with Push/Pull you can force SketchUp to leave a face behind by hitting [Ctrl] once when you have selected the ‘Push/Pull’ tool. There should appear a **+**sign at the cursor when pulling up a face. You thereby pull a copy of the face.

For each subsequent pulling operation where copying is needed, you do need to hit [Ctrl] to get that **+**sign. Otherwise the original face might be missing in some cases.

Hallo Wo3Dan,My model is OK !Thanks for your appreciated help.Sorry,but I have two questions 1)Is my model now full or empty(hollow) ? 2)Can I set my model on an USB stick and how ?(To 3D-Print )When it is ready,I will sent you an picture !willy

SketchUp is a surface modeler. Any closed shape is still hollow.
For 3D printing you need a SketchUp solid group or component and export that to the 3D printers file format *.stl
To obtain a solid in SketchUp (still hollow!) you group a closed shape in which all edges only bound exactly two faces, one on “either” side and with no stray geometry inside, (except for maybe another closed shape).

I think you are perhaps confusing the meaning of ‘solid’.
A ‘solid’ SketchUp group/component is has been said a ‘skin’ over a ‘volume’ - so if you make it on a 3d-printer it is solid - entirely filled with material.
It is like a ‘thin-cardboard box’.
If you want to use less material by making it ‘hollow’ - like a ‘wooden box’ - then you can still make a manifold ‘solid’ in SketchUp. You must have the previous ‘solid’ outer ‘skin’ and inside that another skinned volume facing inwards - leaving a ‘wall’ of several mm thickness.
This will then make a ‘hollow’ form when printed, using less material.
You can do this manually by copying and scaling etc, but there are plugin tools to ‘shell’ objects for you, leaving them as still ‘solid’ but hollow…

Also:my model is full :entirely filled with material (that is what I look for )Super !!! Thankswilly