How long should it take?

Hi all,

First I realize this question is a bit like asking how high is up.

Please refer to the attached pictures of a recent sketch up model. This was done with sketch a pro with no plug-ins.

I am a reasonably competent operator and have what I feel are reasonably good workflows.

This is 8000 square-foot residential project. Auto cad plan was imported for walls and all the building masses were extruded from reasonably accurate sections Also important from AC.

The goal was to create a model that accurately portrayed building masses and would be the start of a full interior design model allowing walk-throughs. All openings are portrayed in reasonably accurately approximately 162 windows many of which were pulled from the 3-D warehouse by Marvin. Lots of which also needed to to be reconstructed. and are shown pretty much schematically i.e. no divided lights, etc.

Obviously no rendering or interior fit up of cabinetry interior doors etc.

My question to the knowledge-base is what would you guesstimate the time/hours necessary to achieve this result as I’m getting some blowback from the client. I’m thinking they’re watching too much HGTV.

I’m not looking for any kudos on the design or the model appearance although those would certainly be welcome!

Because I just completed thus the time required is fresh in my mind I would certainly be willing to reveal that after I get a sense of what you all think something like this would take to do.

Also as an additional extenuating time-consuming circumstance bare in mind that during the middle the construction Approximally 15% of all the parts and pieces probably changed meaning plan changes, massing changes, window opening locations etc.

Thanks in advance for your responses

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