How Long Does It Take To Get A Pro License?

Does anyone know how long it should take to receive a Pro license, after ordering it on their website?

I placed an order online for a Pro license over 24 hours ago, and have not received a single email or anything from them. All I have is the order confirmation number displayed on the website after checkout. I’ve sent Trimble a couple of messages via their website, no replies as yet.

I had assumed it would be an automated system that emails out the license immediately…



Make sure to check your SPAM folder. I have had license emails go to SPAM in the past. If not, I would imagine that the Support Team is already looking into it, as they have always been great about things like this in the past.


To their credit, real Trimble SketchUp humans process the orders.
Depending upon your location; your workday and their workday may differ by several hours.
Exercise a bit of patience and do check your spam folder.

Still no response, 2 days have passed, I’m losing patience :frowning:

Does anyone have a contact number for the sketchup sales people? I’ve sent several messages via their online form to no avail

PS I don’t have a spam folder, I filter spam by hand, so pretty sure they’ve not sent anything


Well they have finally sent through the license key, but now it doesn’t work. Sketchup reports the serial number is not valid.

I have emailed them, awaiting a response.

I wonder if this is because I am running sketchup 2014? I cannot install 2015 as I am running Windows XP.

A SketchUp 2015 key will not work with version 2014, unfortunately.


SketchUp 2015 licenses start with QA and require that you have SketchUp Pro 2015 installed. SketchUp 2014 licenses start with PA and require that version to be installed.

We no longer support Windows XP both because it’s been dropped by Micrsoft and because the support for video cards and Internet Explorer are both lacking and SketchUp needs them. You’re strongly encourage to upgrade to a newer operating system, even Windows 7, as XP is now a decade old.

It’s interesting to see some folks still using XP in one forum thread, a 10 year old OS, and in another everyone is clamoring to get Yosemite installed, an OS that’s only 2 weeks old. In any case, if you choose to continue to use Windows XP you may wish to contact sales for a refund as there isn’t a version of SketchUp which we’re selling at this time which will support your OS.

Thanks Jody, that is disappointing but at least I know where I stand.

I am slightly surprised they have dropped XP when there’s still something like 23% of windows users on it, I use it because it is very stable and does what I want. Lets just hope windows 10 is better…