How does one organizes work on multiple devices?

Hi All,

Im helping my wife to organise an environment where SU + VRAY are installed on 2 different devices one with windows and the other with MacOS. The problem I am trying to address here is that when project is moved from the mac to the pc, all materials are lost (and some SU plugins).

Does anyone maintain a shared network drive of some sorts, with all the materials and etc, so both SU’s can use it altogether? How generally does it work in small collaborations?

Appreciate any help.

The materials should be imbedded in the .skp file. If you save a file on Mac and open that same file on the PC there are textures missing from the file?

Sorry my bad, actually it’s V-ray which has lost all the materials, the reason is all the paths to materials are local for the computer the project was created on.
Thought, maybe someone knows how to organise materials library?

apparently we solved it by simply copying all materials from mac to a materials folder on PC. a new SU automatically recognised them