How Does One Draw This?

The drawing of the fanlight transom window unit needs the addition of a skin of 1/2 sheet material (MDO) over the inner web and flush with the outer frame and flush curved along the curved edge of the ‘glass.’. I did a very rough, straight-line approximation to depict the idea. It does not follow the curve of the glass.

I don’t know how to draw this in SU. I would be much obliged for help.
(file attached)

Fanlight Transom Window.skp (244.6 KB)

I would copy the lines/curves you’ve already drawn instead of trying to draw the shape from scratch. Is the MDO one piece over the web?

Are you happy with the curve for the top of the window?

Actually, are you happy with all of it so far? There are some kind of goofy dimensions.

FWIW, I’m redrawing the window so it is cleaner and will be easier to show adding the MDO pieces.

Here is the fanlight window in situ. There are many elements still missing including the Ionic Order columns, windows, door and trim. The main circular columns reach to the entablature. There will be smaller columns incorporated into the window and door trim. This might explain the strange dimensions. It is designed to work with a 12’ inner dimension entry. The millwork, windows and doors are a true facade and do not support anything but themselves. They attach to the bearing wall behind.

So you want the piece shown in orange here?

I redrew the entire window making sure to create components of parts as I went. When I got to the point of adding the MDO panels, I copied the curve from the frame around the glass, closed that component to get out of edit mode and pasted the curve in place. Then I drew the other two sides along the inside of the outer frame which completed the loop and gave me the face. Push/Pull to thickness, make it a component then copy it and flip the copy to make the counterpart on the other side.

If I misunderstood regarding those panels, let me know. Frankly, I’d put the MDO panels in at the same depth as the glass and have the web parts on either side. That change would be trivial with the model set up with components as I have it.

Your window is in the back. The green shows reversed faces. You would make your life a whole lot easier if you break things down into components and also keep face orientation correct as you go.

Thanks, Dave!!!

The suggestion to copy the lines of the curve gave me the conceptual breakthrough. I drew the outer perimeter rectangle then I selected and copied the curve and pasted it on the rectangle. I removed the bit in the lower middle where the glass should appear and pulled the surface to my thickness then made 2 copies and pasted one on each side.

bob’s yer uncle!

Thanks again!!!

Good enough. As long as it works for you.

I continued to play a little more.

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