How does one convert 2 curves into a surface?

Sketchup 2021 Windows 10 32gb Ram etc.

What are the steps to get from two bezier curves to a surface? (please throw in what is the difference between Classis Bezier and Rational Bezier that is called for in one routine.)
This should be a ruled surface. Since retiring, I do very little lofting (none on SketchUp), so I would love to have the steps for this old foggy brain to reignite when called upon.

These two splines are from a 1941 Dodge Canopy Express that my stepson is rebuilding. So I’ve been chasing around the web to find various views (not a great quantity) to get dimensions from. I have seen many of the fantastic models done by members of this site. I’d like to fumble along once I get the idea of how to make the surfaces.

Hood Segment.skp (13.3 KB)

You could stitch this together manually, but it would be tedious. I would look at the extension Curviloft for this.


I don’t get the same results. What are the steps? and which option did you choose?

I keep getting a box that says “Contours cannot be interpreted correctly Empty the selection?”

A restart of Sketchup fixed the issue. Thanks for your help.

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