How do you reassign the first page?

So, because apparently, I haven’t a clue about how to use this program, and I can’t seem to find a tutorial that really explains it in a logical sequence I waste more time doing and redong stuff, looking at videos that don’t answer my question, or going to trimbles site and not finding a decent manual, but snippets of what to do, but sometimes omitting the resolution of my situation…

This is the latest.

I made a template, I then started drawing and I come to realize my page is the top one but it has stuff that I want on sheet two. I thought - well, all I have to do is reassign the sheets so I have a blank one for the top sheet, and rename the top sheet page 2. As if.

It doesn’t appear to have that option.

So, what? I make a duplicate, then erase the stuff I don’t want off page one?

For some reason, if I make a new page, it has all the stuff added in from the first page to it, so if I make 8 new pages, they all look the same. Is that the way it is supposed to work? Am I supposed to erase everything and start afresh on each new sheet I want to draw?

Man o man.


Have you seen the following information yet?
(This is only a small sample of available material that is relevant to using Layout)

I highly recommend the third source: Matt Donley has put together an effective series of tutorials on the subject.

If you have borders and a title block that you want to appear on every page, make sure this data is on a separate layer and that you have selected the little page icon next to the padlock. When this shows multiple little pages it means that all the data that you want to show on every page will be on every page including new ones. If you have drawn on the first page, simply rename (click on the page in the page tray, and give it another name). Create a new page and then move it up (again in the page tray-right click on the page and you will get a context menu) above the second page. Name this page 1. Hope I am being clear - faster to do than explain. There are tutorials out there that deal with this especially ones by Matt Donnelly of MasterSketchup.

I recommend that you go to Amazon and purchase this book:
“The SketchUp Workflow for Architecture” by Michael Brightman. Part III of the book has six well written chapters on how to use Layout.

Ok. I bought the book. I’ll go to the links as well. I am also trying to learn autocad -14R - I know, it’s an antique version, but the price was right, so what the heck. Gylly is always complaining about my use of SU for 2d drawing, so maybe this will make him feel his criticism did something useful. The reason I mention this - the ■■■■ thing has an 800 page manual with it.

Why Trimble doesn’t invest in making a comprehensive on line resource, instead of letting the community do the heavy lifting is beyond me. I would want to make it as easy as possible to use my software, on as many levels of ability as possible, to make people want to come on board and purchase it.

That said, I appreciate the time you spend helping idiots like me, claw our way out of the morass.

The end of the story: every copy kept repeating the drawing in full, so I thought, I’ll just delete the copy and enter the next model.

Bad move.

It erased all of my work. Plus my trial ended. So I have nothing to show for all the hours of work or turn into the city, plus all of the models I made are inaccessible from SU 8.


upload your model and someone around here can export it into SU 8.

Are you placing all of your stuff on the “On every page” layer? Or are you using the “Duplicate page” button instead of the “New page” one?


Well, until I raise some cash to buy the software, it’s a dead issue… I accepted the make version so I can access the original sketchup files, but I am locked out of importing some autocad site plans, or accessing the backup layout files., So I’ll do a plan B. Thanks for the help. G