How do you post a video or gif?

I found that its more helpful and easy to understand if you post a scene than a photo of what is your problem depends on the situation. For the other sketchup users here please share how do you do that. TIA.


For video, type and hit Enter. This show me the video below

For gif, click at Upload button or type Ctrl + G.

What plugin is that?

I use licecap then upload the gif via the upload button on the forum post edit window.

Thanks for this. :smile:

Another simple one is Gifcam

My plugin to get a bank statement from ATM :joy: :joy:

Old topic, but about all I found well search for info on how to post gif’s.

Seems what’s posted is for Win. Any recommendation for Mac?


a few post above is steve’s post a fellow mac user like myself, who also uses licecap,


Oh, I looked at it and thought it was just for windows for some reason.
I see now it’s for mac too. Will give it a try. Thanks.