How do you mask the loops that bound the face?

How do you mask the contours edges of a surface.
The “weld vertices” node does not seem suitable.
I have a simple rectangle whose edges I want to hide to take advantage of a material with an alpha channel.
In SketchUp the edges of contours are visible, we must unlink the definition and for each copy of the rectangle, select the edges and hide them.
Is there a node with an option to do this?

If we perform an extrusion of 0, then weld vertices, the contour edges are hidden!
It might be more useful to have an option in the node weld vertices, to avoid null extrusion.


Nice trick!
Just to clarify - the rendering of edges of a mesh (in this case your rectangle) are done as as a visual aid, rather than as an actual property of the mesh/model as a whole as of right now. In extruding the mesh by 0 and welding it, the 3D viewer reads it as having no mesh edges (by now having a “squished box” of 0 height, rather than a 2D rectangle/plane).

You aren’t able to weld just the rectangle as a mesh triangle is not able to weld around on to itself.

Great solution!

We’d like to support edge rendering styles in the future.

At the moment we rely on “raw” welded vs unwelded triangles to determine edge rendering. It would likely be preferable to assign materials with a flag to hide edges (among other things) too.

What aspects of display/rendering/material properties would you like to control in SketchUp with Live Components?

Hello Keith
The closer you get to SketchUp’s display options, the better.
The edges must be able to be masked, softened, smoothed, project shadows or not and be able to have a material.