How do you fill a shape created from joined circles, with colour

Hi, I’m a garden designer and I use circles to represent plants in a planting plan. They often appear in groups of 3 and so I create 3 separate circles, position them together and then use the cut tool to remove the overlapping sections of circle, creating a shape outline. I then try and fill this with colour to represent the flower colour, but it won’t fill all the shape. I’ve tried creating a group first but this doesn’t work either. Any tips?

See what your ‘Selection’ tool selects. If it is just one face inside the outline, painting it should be easy by one click with the selected color. If the outline still holds more than one face, paint each of them.
Groups of entities that are still default will also be painted as a whole by just one click.

Mind you, as a face style you need to have selected either ‘Shaded’ or ‘Shaded with Texture’ to see the actual color/texture on faces!

Thanks for replying. Not sure if you are referring to SketchUp rather than Layout, which is what I’m struggling with?

Sorry about me referring to SketchUp. I only noticed after posting that you question is about Layout.

Hello! Have you tried using the Join Tool after Splitting the circles? That should stitch together the lines and make 1 single shape.

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OMG that’s brilliant, it works! Thank you!

Glad to be of help. You’re welcome anytime! :blush: