How do you auto measure heights of an array of tubes?

Hey everyone. I made this model of a 3D ceiling that we would like to make from wooden sticks. The problem is that I need a CAD model or somesort where I can easily see how many sticks I have and the lengths they have. Is there a tool/extension or do I just export my drawing into a .dwg and go from there?

Assuming you made the sticks as components or groups you can use Generate Report to get the quantities and dimensions. Or you could use the CutList extension from the Extension Warehouse or any of several other extensions that do similar things.

Each stick is not a separate group, just the collection is a group. Had to explode them all to cut them off at the right lenght. Do I need to group them again to see the individual heights in the report? (

The ceiling is made off several modules of 360cm x 360cm

Almost every stick has a different length.

Yes. You would need to regroup them or make components of each one to be able to get a report on the lengths. You should be able to make groups/components of the sticks in just one module.

Perhaps it would be easier to redo the model without exploding them. Convert the undulating surface into a solid and use Trim from the Solid Tools to cut them.

extension warehouse - ?

CLF Loose to Groups
Turn loose geometry into groups

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Good! I’d forgotten about Chris’s tool for that. I never need it myself so it slipped off the radar.

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Okay so that worked. Great extension. Now the report… What do i choose as ‘model attributes’ to get the lengths?

this is what i got…

choose edit on cover page, then select lenZ? and move over to second panel, run report

ok thanks that worked!

moreover you could add X,Y for positions. Save as csv, open in excel, rearrange to separate rows then use “convert text” method in “Data” to columns

And once you’ve done that, you can use Excel’s sorting to sort them by length and you could even develop formulae to count how many of each length you need.

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