How do I use scenes to show different dispositions of furniture

I would like to create a number of different scenes (three say) each of which show some furniture in different positions within a couple of rooms. What is the best way to do this?

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Hi, I can help you.
First, a couple of questions before we get started.
Are you familiar with making groups?
Are you familiar with creating layers?
Look forward to hearing from you.

Yes, i am familiar with groupsand layers

I use the following structure in my work:

  1. confirm that each piece of furniture is a component.
  2. create a new Layer called Furn Layout 1, or something similar
  3. Next arrange your first layout of furniture in your model
  4. make a group of all the furniture pieces
  5. name your group Furn Layout 1, or something similar
  6. assign your new group to your new Layer: Furn Layout 1


  1. create a new Layer called Furn Layout 2
  2. copy and paste your Furniture group, Furn Layout 1
  3. assign the copy of your first group to Layer: Furn Layout 2
  4. rename the copy of your first group to Furn Layout 2
  5. hide Layer: Furn Layout 1 through the Layer tray
  6. Next “rearrange” your furniture by double clicking your visible Furn Layout 2 group


  1. set up your new Scenes, Furn Layout 1 and Furn Layout 2
  2. Scene: Furn Layout 1 with Layer Furn Layout 1 visible and Furn Layout 2 hidden
  3. Scene: Furn Layout 2 with Layer Furn Layout 1 hidden and Furn Layout 2 visible

Repeat as necessary for each arrangement of furniture you desire.

Also note, as you add additional new layers, those layers will automatically be added to existing Scenes as visible, so you will need to go back to old scenes and make those new layers hidden.

Good luck and let me know how you fare.


Thank you very much for this detailed explanation - it was exactly what I wanted and also gave me some practice with groups, layers and scenes.


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You are very welcome.

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