How do i turn envelope part around? EDIT: Textures also flipped!

Now that I have finally got the image to go on the envelope, I want to turn envelope around and add a new image on back of envelope. The new image is lying underneath the envelope but front side is still upwards.

I have tried with rotate tool but can’t get the envelope to flip around so that backside is upwards. The envelope is still selected.

I am really struggling (as beginner) with rotate. Can someone please tell me how to do this?

You can select the whole thing and right-click and choose ‘Flip Along’ then choose ‘Blue Axis’.

Wow, Eric … thank you! It worked. I am learning slowly but getting there! :smile:

Yeah no problem. Took me maybe 5 years before I figured out how to model properly. Would have been faster if I had discovered and used this forum :wink: Keep at it.

Hi Eric,

I got the envelope to flip … but now having another problem. When I turn the envelope back to front, the front image has also flipped!! The new image on back is correctly. I am now confused. :expressionless: Is it the flipping of envelope to work on back causing this?

Post the file if you can. Hard to confirm and describe without seeing and being able to do screenshot myself.

Eric, I have tried to add file at your PM, but size too big!

I see @mihai.s beat me too it. You can rotate your object or copy and rotate your image. Since it’s a ‘projected’ image. You can move or transform the image and when you sample it, it will remember those settings when pasted to your object.

Edit - I’m using the modifier key (option/Alt) to move and copy the image at the same time. I’m also using keyboard shortcuts to switch tools. M for move, Q for rotate, B (+modifier to sample) and paint the texture.


Thank you for the help. I will have a look at this tomorrow when time allows. Now, off to bed! :smile:

Another possible way:

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