How do I traverse through all the entities in a .layout file

Can some one tell me how do I traverse through the entities in a .layout file with new Layout 2016 C API ?

I have tried the following
LOEntityListRef entity_list;

I am getting an access violation reading location error in the 4th line

Did you inspect the return values of the functions prior to this?
Also, you don’t show in your example how you declared num_entities. Can you provide a more complete snippet of what you are currently doing?

Have you looked at the examples in the SDK package?

Thanks thomthom. I could’nt find any example in the SDK package which does similar operation. But I figured out why I was getting the error. In the second line I didn’t assign LOEntityListRef entity_list as SU_INVALID.

size_t num_entities = 0;
LOEntityListRef entity_list = SU_INVALID;
SUResult res;
res = LOEntityListCreate(&entity_list);
std::cout << "Result - LOEntityListCreate : " << res << std::endl;
res = LODocumentGetSharedEntities(document_ref,entity_list);
std::cout << "Result - LODocumentGetSharedEntities : " << res << std::endl;
res = LOEntityListGetNumberOfEntities(entity_list,&num_entities);
std::cout << "Result - LOEntityListGetNumberOfEntities : " << res << std::endl;

For the above snippet I am getting the output

Result - LOEntityListCreate : 0
Result - LODocumentGetSharedEntities : 9
Result - LOEntityListGetNumberOfEntities : 0

Not sure why the second line is showing the output 9. That means SU_ERROR_NO_DATA. My layout document contains 4 layers which includes some texts in the title block and the exported skp model.

I need to modify the texts in the title block. And I assumed I can achieve it by looping through all the entities, finding the text and replacing it.

@adam or @JeremyWalker - got some insight to add to this?

My first guess is that there are no entities on shared layers. Try using
LOPageGetNonSharedEntities () instead of LODocumentGetSharedEntities ().
That will get all of the entities that belong to a given page.

Hope that helps,

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@adam, Thanks for your support :slightly_smiling:

You were right. I was able to access all the entities with LOPageGetNonSharedEntities () .