How do I take a component, dimension it and create a separate scene for it without it showing up in all my other scenes?

I have tried numerous ways to take a component from an assembly, dimension it and create a scene for it but then it shows up in all my other scenes

Bob’s Bookcase 9.skp (74.4 KB)up on all of my other scenes.

There are several things you can do.

  1. Put more distance between the assembled version and the exploded parts.
  2. Use layers. Assign the parts in the assembled view to one layer and the exploded parts to another layer. then control which parts show for which scene by controlling the visibility of the layers.

I generally use layers as aid to organizing parts and use space to separate parts.

See the attached.
Bob’s Bookcase 9.skp (75.1 KB)

There are settings for layers with regard to propagating or not, their visibility across other scenes and new scenes. But, they are not exposed in the Layer Manager.

So several extensions have been written to help with this.