How do i stop the masking in my elevations from covering text?


I am new to this layout forum and layout in general. I was wondering if i could get some help with masking for elevations? I can successfully mask my elevation using the line tool with fill, but it is also masking everything else, like text and dimensions etc. even when I arrange the mask to “send to back” it still does this. Any advice on how to stop this would be great.

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Daniel Briffa

I would put my text and dimensions on a separate layer, usually a layer that is above the rest of the drawing. Then you know as you add more elements, that the text and dimensions will not be hidden. You just have to be diligent what layer you are drawing or typing on.

That said: You can also do masking with the “clipping mask” function. and the clipping does not mean creating a white border mask (I use both methods). So this would not hide your text either, but the layer method above is best.

The fact that you sent the mask to back and it still hid something, implies you are using layers but not ordered in a helpful manner.

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@pbacot thanks so much for your advice. I changed the layer of my mask and it seemed to fix the problem. :slight_smile:

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