How do i stop losing the model in the main window?

Skp pro21 model keeps disappearing then suddenly reappears… tried zoom extent, changing camera etc, model is here:

Hoping someone can help!

You managed to get some geometry very very far away from the origin which makes the camera positioning system go haywire. Try this fixed version, is this all of your geometry?

You also have quite a few reversed faces in this model that you might consider correcting (right click and select reverse face, or select one correctly oriented face and right click>orient faces to change all or most). The faces in green here are reversed.

Happy Modeling.

wow thats awesome thanks! ill read up on the reversed faces… not quite sure i understand that!


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Glad that sorted it out. Take care down there. :+1:

Further info on back sides:

Great thanks… the model you sent back is in inches, i cant change back to millimetres… any ideas?

Sorry, I copied it all into my default template in the process of rescuing the geometry. Everything is the same size, it’s just that we use silly feet and inches over on this side. Go to Window>Model Info>Units> choose Format: decimal then set the units to whatever you like.

Or open a fresh file and select all / copy / paste-in-place everything from the rescued file into a new one.

Or you could learn to think in inches. :rofl:

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