How do I stop all these downloads?

When I open Sketch-up and try to select a tool, a box opens up asking me if I want to download something called an “index”. If I say click on the open button, then it opens a new tab in my browser with information about what tool I selected. If I click the save button, then it gets saved to my downloads folder but nothing changes. This happens every time I click on a tool, even if I just clicked on it. How do I prevent this download from occurring?

This isn’t a normal SketchUp behavior. What tool are you selecting that results in this? Perhaps you could provide some screen shots and some more specific information.

It sounds like you might have some malware running on your computer.

Every single tool I select comes up with this download request. I have no-idea why it happens

As I said, this is not a normal SketchUp behavior. How about some screen shots?

By the way, your SketchUp profile indicates you’re using version 1.6. Is that correct?

Yes I am using 1.6
I am having trouble bringing up a screenshot at the moment so apologies for that.

Wow! SketchUp 1.6 would be very, very old. I started with SketchUp 3 about 12 years ago and the current version is 16.0.xx.

Unfortunately, without seeing something more specific about these download prompts, it’s going to be all but impossible to help you sort it out.

Also oops, my bad, I didn’t clearly read what version my sketch-up was. it probably is the latest version

This is where clicking the open button takes me

OK. That Pan Tool page is an Instructor screen but it should be remaining in the tray on the right side of the screen. I’m guessing you’ve got an incorrect file association and Firefox is grabbing it.

Note that even if you use Firefox as your default browser, SketchUp requires that you have Internet Explorer installed in your computer. Instructor is just one of the SketchUp windows that are displaying content in a web format.