How do I solve the problem

After importing a dxf file, I deleted some dxf furniture inside. I can’t draw circles in it. You can’t just delete it either.
Can someone help me how to solve this, or what do I have to do.

When I draw next to it the circle works great.
thanks for feedback

When you import a dwg / dxf file it comes as a component. You can open that component to work inside it by either double-clicking or right-clicking > Edit Component.

Are you referring to the fact that you cannot draw a circle inside the dxf component or that you cannot draw the circle inside that room?

What does the circle in the photo represent then?

If you can’t draw it, what and how do you want to delete it?

Next to what can you draw it… to the imported dxf component?

What exactly are you trying to achieve in the end? Normally, you only use the dwg / dxf file as guidance and work everything clean (over) in SketchUp (at least for buidings).

Learn about working with CAD files:

Thanks mihai.s

sorry i didn’t explain that well.
in the dxf other furniture was drawn by the engineer.
I tried deleting all the furniture to only have the floor plan as a group.
I wanted to draw a new project about it. It doesn’t work because all objects like circles, squares, etc. are exploded and can’t be drawn as 3D.
(see picture 1)

I have to draw the whole project next to it and move it back to 0.00/0.00/0.00. (see picture 2)

It’s not normal, what did I do wrong. Thanks for tip

picture 2

You’re welcome!

Start from here and learn the basics of SketchUp:

Just as an idea, you’ll use the dxf only as guidance

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@mihai.s pretty much nailed it. Learn more about SketchUp and use the dxf as a guide for your model. A lot of people think that they can import a cad file and they will be pretty much set (“Just pull it into 3D!”) but the fact is, unless you are intimately knowledgeable about the creation of the file, it may be a lot easier to reference it and create your own geometry.

Just my unsolicited $0.02

ok, guys thanks
It’s not about attending courses just because I made an inexplicable mistake when importing the DXF.
I’ve imported thousands of times and haven’t encountered such an error or noticed it.

But it’s ok, thanks for your good will. I will find a solution myself it could have been that someone had the same experience.

You description is simply unclear and comes across as someone who doesn’t know how to use the software, hence the links to learning resources.
Perhaps if you added the model we might be able to actually see and understand what your issue is.

I’m sorry that my English isn’t that good.
But I can assure you, I’ve been working with Sektchup since version 7. But I’m always happy to learn.