How do I slice up golf course fairways to use partial areas?


I want to design a golf course model in SketchUp, but I do not want to use the whole fairway unit from golf digest fairway models that I import to SketchUp. Is there a best way to cut up the models, as I want this to be a remote style golf course design with tee box, a couple fairway style zones and then the green area. Thank you.


Pictures, screenshots with annotation, anything to show what you wish to keep, what to cut away ?

A model with one of the full fairways imported into SketchUp as a start point would help.


Taking this as an example model:

you can right-click on the terrain to unlock it, then delete that, leaving you with just the green bits. Then you could double click into one of the fairway sections, and use left to right mouse selections to scoop up areas you want to remove. It may take a few passes of select and delete, but it doesn’t take long.

If you do right to left mouse selections it will select anything that passes through that area, and you would end up deleting too much.


I must be doing something wrong because when I go to try the mouse clicks it does nothing. Am I suppose to use the eraser or something else to delete part of the fairway model?


I saw a case where no mouse clicks were working on that model. I did a Revert, and then it behaved.

The eraser would normally be slower, but I realized that if you select View/Hidden Geometry, using the eraser is quick and accurate.