How do I round over a top with rounded corders?


I am designing a toy chest. I’m trying to get rid of all square edges. While playing with Sketchup I have been able to do a round-over on both the top and bottom edges of the top, making it a half-round. But that was with the square corners. But I haven’t been able to round-over the corners when the corners are round or find a way to round the corners after they are made round-over.
I am going to try and upload my drawing to help make this clear.
Any help would be appreciated

chest open.skp (274.3 KB)


You could do it a couple of ways. You could start with the roundover profile in the middle of a straight edge. You could reduce the thickness of the top and add the roundover height to it. Or you could place the profile out, off the edge like this:

Select the edges, get Follow Me and click on the profile.

Or you could use Fredo’s Round Corner extension to do it.

By the way, you should correct the face orientation of the feet. They are inside out as indicated by the blue faces.

Do you intend to create a plan from your model so you can build it?


Was going to try after it’s all built. If I can figure it out. This is my first time using sketchup.


Not bad for your first time.

I just sent you a PM.