How do I rotate this object?


I’m in trial and error hell right now. I’m trying to rotate this simple object so that it’s vertical instead of horizontal. Can someone please upload a video showing exactly how to do this? I’ve tried it about 40 times now, and almost every time I get some distorted shape that no longer resembles a cylinder. Thanks.


Using the select tool, click in open space, you need to come out of component/group edit mode.

Then click the component/group once (will highlight blue),switch to rotate tool and give it another try.

Can’t do a video right now, someone might be along shortly…


Sure, why not.


Or you can use the rotation functionality of the move tool…


Good point. It’s weird, but I never, ever use that, so I always forget about it when helping others.


Yes move tool!, I’d just woken up and my brain must have still been asleep.


Don’t forget that for rotations it even “listens” to input for degrees towards the current drawing axes.
So 90 [Enter] would do the job here.


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