How do I push through a curved face?

I recreated a hold down for my CNC, but cant figure out how to push the keyway though the curved face on the opposite side. I’ve search through the extension warehouse and cant find the Joint Push/Pull extension that others have talked about.

Any recommendations?

You just need to push through, then intersect the faces to create the break in the curve, then delete the bits you don’t need.
Push through

You don’t need Joint pushpull for this, but the majority Fredo’s extensions are hosted at SketchUcation and not the warehouse.


Hi, as Box said SketchUcation has the Fredo stuff. I got about half a dozen extensions from there yesterday including jointpushpull. I’m new to SU myself and am having an awful time trying to get extensions from the warehouse and will be posting a query myself shortly on that topic!

JPP isn’t for this.

“Teach a man to fish”!!!

Thank you so much for this! This will save me so much time in the future

And he’ll spend all day on the water drinking beer and never get any modelling done. Unless he cleverly builds his workshop on a boat.