How do I print to scale on Mac?

I’ve looked up tutorials, but the Windows print menu is different. I can’t find “print scale” on the Mac print window. How do I print to scale on Mac?

I’m making a diorama and am trying to print the textures to tape onto a cardboard model.

EDIT: I found print scale. It was in “document setup.”

Sorry. I honestly spent about 10 minutes trying to find it before giving up and making a topic. If this is a repeat topic, then feel free to delete it.

Ensure your view in SU is set to Camera/Parallel Projection. You can’t meaningfully ‘print to scale’ in Perspective view.

And check that your viewpoint in Camera/Standard Views is Top, Front, Left or Right side, depending on what you want to see in your scale printout.

Remember to uncheck the ‘Fit View to Page’ box in Document Setup as well as setting your scale. And also, to size the SU drawing window to approximate the proportions of the paper you want to print on. Otherwise, you may find your printout split over two or more pages, even if your scale should fit on the page.

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