How do I make this model printable?

Hey everyone - new to SketchUp here - and trying to get a model I’ve made to be 3D printable. The model in question is a control box for a thermostat controller - but I cannot seem to make the model “work”. I have tried some plugins, CleanUp and Solid Inspector, but I cannot seem the find the error - which renders an unprintable file.

My question or rather request therefor is; can someone with experience have a look and identify (and maybe fix) the errors?

Thanks in advance!

Model file:
Styringsboks.skp (283.3 KB)

Styringsboks2.skp (132.2 KB)

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One thing that seems evident in your model is that you are dragging out the radii for circles in random directions. It is best to drag them out on axis and be consistent about it. It’ll make it much easier to work with them as you go forward.

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