How do I make the bracket of this caster?

I’m trying to model the bracket of this caster.

It made the most sense to me to draw the top-down profile of the caster bracket. However, I don’t know how to create the taper that is seen on the bracket when viewed from the side.

there are a number of ways but the most common would probably be to draw a side view of the caster frame and extrude it through the extruded top view. Then intersect the two and delete the waste. You could do the same sort of thing with a front view to create the space for the wheel, too.

Also consider drawing only half of the part. It’ll be symmetrical so you can get away with drawing half. Then copy what you’ve drawn and flip the copy for the other side.

Demonstrating something like @DaveR’s suggestion.
Zoom out on the skp to see all the stages.

caster.skp (205.8 KB)

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