How do I know if an install is a trial version or it is licensed?

I am using an Asset Management system (LANDESK) to keep track of software licenses and installs. How can I determine if a SketchUp Pro install is a trial version or licensed without going to every desktop and looking at each install? I can not see anything that triggers it as being a trial versus a licensed copy.

Thank you for your help!


Your post is confusing.

This is the Trimble SketchUp Pro Help Forum.

It seems your question is about Autodesk SketchBook Pro which is over here

This is actually for SketchUp Pro not Sketchbook. Sorry about that. I was working on my Autodesk renewals at the same time. Thank you Geo!!

You can query "c:\programdata\SketchUp\SketchUp 2016\liclog.txt for the word “trail” and if SketchUp Pro is still under trial it will say “Is trial” else it will say “Not trial”